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Complete and balanced nutrition for people with diabetes


Glucerna is a health shake specifically formulated for people with diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance1.* 
When used as part of a diabetes management plan, nutritious and delicious Glucerna can help you manage your blood sugar. Let’s look at some of the properties of Glucerna that make it beneficial for people with diabetes.

*Formulated for people with prediabetes and diabetes, as part of a diabetes management plan including diet
and exercise.1

Glucerna can help manage blood glucose, sip by sip2

Glucerna health shakes contain a unique blend of slow-release, low glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates that help minimise blood sugar spikes when compared to fast-release, high GI carbohydrates.2

In scientific studies, Glucerna shakes were compared with instant oatmeal.2 It was found that after 3 hours, Glucerna resulted in a significantly lower blood glucose response (smaller rise in blood glucose levels) than instant oatmeal. 2


Glucerna provides complete, balanced nutrition1

In addition to the slow-release carbohydrate system, Glucerna contains other important nutrients, including:1

  • A healthy fat blend that includes monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and omega-3 fatty acids – for supporting blood vessel health and circulation in people with type 2 diabetes.3
  • Prebiotic dietary fibre – to support gut health.4,5

Glucerna provides complete and balanced nutrition for people with diabetes. It contains 28 vitamins and minerals essential for health, including
B group vitamins, Vitamin C and D, iron, calcium and zinc. It is low in gluten and lactose. It is also Kosher and Halal certified.

So why Glucerna?

Glucerna is a nutritional drink specially formulated with slowly digested, low GI carbohydrates for people with diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance*1. It is also nutritionally complete and balanced, making it a healthier option compared with skipped meals or high GI snacks.

Glucerna is easy to prepare and delicious to consume. A healthy and convenient meal or snack option that you can feel good about? Why not? Remember, better choices – even the tiniest ones – can add up to something great. Like choosing Glucerna every day. It’s a small step that will help you stay on track to reaching your health goals.

*As part of a diabetes management plan (including diet and exercise).


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