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TLC for your feet

It is important for people with diabetes to take extra care of their feet. Read on to find out why and how.


Diabetes and feet

Taking care of your feet is particularly important when you have diabetes. This is because diabetes, especially if it is not well managed, can affect your feet.1

  • Diabetes can reduce blood supply to the feet – this can mean cuts and sores heal more slowly.
  • Diabetes can damage nerves to the foot – this means minor cuts, blisters or burns may not be felt, and can develop into ulcers.

Ulcers or other lesions on the feet pose danger for people with diabetes. It is important to avoid foot damage, especially for middle-aged and elderly people.

How to take care of your feet

All people with diabetes need to take special care of their feet. This includes the following:1

  • Wash your feet daily and dry well. Moisturise dry skin, especially cracked heels.
  • Keep toenails trimmed.
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting and protective shoes.
  • Have your feet checked by a healthcare professional at least once a year.
  • Check your feet regularly for signs of swelling, redness or heat (this could be a sign of infection).
  • Check your feet before and after exercise.
  • Promptly report any signs or symptoms that may indicate a problem.


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