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as well as helpful tips on diabetes and nutrition.


What can I do?

Take control of your diabetes

When you have diabetes, keeping your blood glucose levels within the target range recommended by your healthcare professional can be challenging. But following the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle can be immensely helpful.

A healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and regular physical activity, are vital to living well with diabetes. The right diet and regular exercise will help you manage your blood glucose levels, lower risk of diabetes complications, and keep you healthy.1


It makes sense then that looking after your health should be a priority for every person with diabetes (and without!). The good news is, it only takes a little bit of effort and time each day to take control of your diabetes. Remember, managing diabetes is a team effort, and you are the captain!

Here, we’ve compiled helpful information on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle that can help you manage your blood glucose levels and improve your health. Click on the list below to read some of our short, informative articles. We hope you will find them helpful


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Winning mealtime routines

We humans are creatures of habit. Much like maintaining a sleep schedule, or exercise regimen, carving out a simple routine with predictable meals and mealtimes can help in the management of diabetes. To support healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day, try to plan for regular, balanced meals (and eat about the same amount of carbs at each meal)2.  And if you find sticking to routine a struggle, try mixing it up with our range of new and delicious diabetes-friendly recipes here.

Easter Eating Made Easy

Easter and chocolate go hand in hand. While avoiding over-indulgence sounds hard, with these smart swaps, you can say no to excess sugar without spoiling the fun:

● Try swapping chocolate treats for a mug of cocoa made with natural sweetener or a frozen yoghurt treat
● Fill up on a healthy, balanced breakfast to help keep cravings at bay
● Plan your meals in advance to allow for the occasional sugary treat (it is Easter, after all)



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